Suggested Time

Min. 4-6 hours for preparation and engaging with other stakeholders

Level Of Difficulty

M&E Capacity Required

Materials Needed

Brainstorming material, data visualisation




6. Communicate


What key messages are important to share with stakeholder?

Sharing Results and Lessons Learnt

Communication is key to success! And communication should ideally go beyond the ‘traditional’ M&E or donor reporting to support learning across teams, organisations and within the civil society sector. It is thus encouraged to identify ways to repurpose and share M&E data – in easy-to-read case studies, visually appealing infographics, concise and digestible reports, short video clips, interactive webinars etc. Other examples of possible communication products include: real-time dashboards embedded on project websites, showcasing impact stories within organisational intranets, regular social media updates, blog posts, learning briefs or internal failure clubs (i.e. where we made mistakes, where partners were not satisfied with our work, etc.).


Communicating our results is not only about sharing and being transparent but follows CIVICUS’ approach towards Dynamic Accountability. Only if we share our successes and failures and open our organisations up for external feedback and comments will we be able to improve our work.


Have a look at Amnesty International’s “The Not Enough Impact Report 2018” here as an example of such a report and the honest sharing of lessons learnt. Or have a look at some of CIVICUS’ communication examples and please share your stories with us:


  • YouTube video on what we learnt from resourcing young activists to help them achieve the SDGs in their local communities through the Goalkeepers Youth Action Accelerator – see video here
  • Campaign report including survey results from the SPEAK! 2019 campaign – see report here
  • Blog posts and infographics on CIVICUS’ Annual Constituency Surveys and what we’re learning from this – see blog posts for 2018 and 2019
  • Twitter update with evaluation results of CIVICUS’ International Civil Society Week 2019 – see Tweet here

CIVICUS’ Impact and Accountability Team together with the ICSW Coordination Team conducted a thorough evaluation of the 2019 International Civil Society Week. This evaluation drew insights from targeted focus group discussions with ICSW participants, previous ICSW evaluations, post-event participant survey, live polling, delegates’ demographics, team debriefs, media coverage, bilateral conversations and informal feedback. While the lengthy report with recommendations would have probably not been read by many people, we shared an infographic instead which reached a wider audience:

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