Suggested Time

20 - 60 mins

Level Of Difficulty

M&E Capacity Required

Materials Needed

The downloadable template on this page



1. Plan


How do we choose the most suitable M&E tools and approaches based on the initiative purpose, capacity and plans?

Developmental Evaluation Project Canvas Tool

Defining a project accurately is critical to its success. Sometimes this is not an easy task, particularly at the beginning of any project: Small deviations at the start can have exponential negative effects later on. A Project Canvas is a visual tool of project management. It helps to design new or redesign existing projects. The tool is especially useful for interdisciplinary groups who want to gain a common understanding before or during a project.

The Project Canvas presented on this site is structured along the logic of this Developmental Evaluation approach, i.e. Plan – Design – Measure – Implement – Report and Reflect – Communicate.

So just follow these steps and questions in a participatory process with your team and stakeholders:

  1. Plan – What is the stage and capacity of the project to implement the DEF?
  2. Design – What does the project intend to change which will be measured by the DEF?
  3. Measure – What indicators can be used to measure what has changed and how has it changed?
  4. Implement – What tools and process do we need to regularly measure the change?
  5. Report & Reflect – How will you document the changes and lessons?
  6. Communicate – What key messages are important to share? How will you share the key messages?

Test and see whether the Project Canvas tool works for you!

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