Report & Reflect Plan


What key messages are important to share with stakeholder?



What key messages are important to share with stakeholder?



How do we choose the most suitable M&E tools and approaches based on the initiative purpose, capacity and plans?



What does the project intend to change and what will be measured by the M&E tools you choose to use?

Communicating with wider audiences

Communication is vital, beyond simply publishing your M&E report publicly on your website. Being able to transform your M&E information into more digestible, less-technical communications, through storytelling or infographics will help to share your project’s progress and learnings with wider audiences. This is not always seen as a priority and often M&E budgets do not have allocations for the design and dissemination for this type of information. However, even with limited budget you can still share a case study or a simple infographic to describe what your project has achieved and what you are learning.

Within this phase you can find examples of more sophisticated reports that have been transformed into communications multi-media material as well as examples of some simple tools and ways to communicate information with wider audiences.

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